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The Mizutech webphone is a SIP client for browsers, implementing multiple engines to take advantage of the best available client-side VoIP technology across the majority of OS and browsers, including Java Applet, HTML5/WebRTC, Native Plugin service, Flash and others covered by a simple to use universal API and customizable user interface templates.

This is a simple index page with direct links to the examples shipped with the webphone package. You are free to use any of the included solutions, modify/customize each of the supplied HTML/CSS code or implement your VoIP client from scratch by providing your own user interface (or no user interface at all) using the webphone's Java Script API.
Try out the solutions/examples from the left side to quickly check the webphone functionalities. This page is part of the downloadable webphone package. Check the source codes for more details (softphone.html and the html files in the samples folder).

If you don't have a SIP server or VoIP account yet, you can use our VoIP service:
Note: It is also possible to configure (outbound) proxy address and different sip username / auth username. These settings can be also requested on the softphone user interface login page.

For more details download or check the documentation.